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Stay Cool With The Help Of A Scottsdale Air Conditioning Company

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How to Keep Your House Cool During Hot Summer Months

If you want to figure out how to keep your house cool during hotter months, there are a few things you can do.  Having ceiling fans and floor fans are a great way to get air circulating throughout your house.  Let the fans do the air circulating during the day and at night, you might want to consider opening some windows to let cooler air in.  During the day, keep windows and doors tightly sealed.


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When to Update Your Air Conditioning Unit

Another thing you can do is to update your air conditioning unit. If you have an older unit, consider replacing it with a high efficiency air conditioning unit. A high efficiency air conditioner will work more effectively and save you money on your electricity bill. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to finding an air conditioning unit for your home, call a Scottsdale air conditioning company to find out about what types of air conditioning units are available and what the cost of them would be.  If you have an air conditioner already but don’t feel it is working properly, it may just need a tune-up.  It’s a good idea to contact air conditioning repair Scottsdale to have them come and take a look at it. Often times there is debris that has gotten into the outside unit and can cause the air conditioner to run poorly or damage the compressor. Be sure to keep the surface and surrounding area of your air conditioner free from leaves, dirt and rocks.  Doing so will ensure your air conditioner last a long time.


Benefits of Fans verse Using Your Air Condition Unit

In addition to contacting Scottsdale repair air conditioning to make sure your fans and air conditioner are working properly, there are other ways to keep your house cool during the hot months. You may want to consider installing window shades or mini-blinds to block out some of the sun’s rays.  Blinds and shades can reduce the solar heat by up to 50%.  You should also close curtains during the day to keep out sunlight. An awning on a south facing window is also a great way to block out some of the hot rays and keep your house cool.


When to Change your Air Conditioning Filter

It’s also a good idea to keep your air conditioning unit’s air filter clean or change it every few months to help increase air flow.  When dust and debris builds up on the filter, it can reduce your airflow by one percent every week.  To find out how to change the filter, contact an air conditioning Scottsdale company.

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