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Get Your AC Repaired To Beat the Heat in Arizona

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Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is one of the hottest places in the United States. From June to September, with temperatures typically over 100 °F and sometimes crossing even 120 °F, the desert state Arizona can be difficult for many to tolerate. In order to beat the triple digit summer temperatures, air conditioning is important for avoiding heat related illnesses.

On a hot summer day in Arizona when the air conditioning stops working, the effects can be felt by everyone with a couple of minutes. Even if your air conditioning is turned on but not cooling the room, the emergence of sweat beads on your brow will force to find out why your AC isn’t working the way it should. There can be many reasons why your air conditioning stopped cooling.


Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant (Freon) levels can result in less cooling of the room. This can be because of a certain leak in the system or some sort of problem with the refrigerant system.


Outside Compressor/Fan Problems

If the outside fan is not working, heat is not removed from the system causing it to heat up and trip the safety overload. Blockage of the air intake on the compressor coil can also cause compressor to malfunction or shut down from overheating.


Outside Unit Is Dirty

The Copper State, Arizona, being a desert can easily cause the outside unit of a central air system to be filled with dust over the years of its use. This might also cause your air conditioning cooling problems.

If you are facing problems with your air conditioning, you should consider AC repair in Arizona. It is helpful if you look over and try to determine what might have caused the problem before calling in your technician. Usually air conditioner problems are caused by poor maintenance that can be easily fixed.

When you ac stops working, you should check out a few things before calling for AC repair in Phoenix. Look around at the circuit breakers or fuses that might have blown up causing electricity cutoff to the air conditioner. You should also turn off the air conditioning and give it a rest before switching it back on again. If the machine appears to make noises or smells, you can clean the filter to remove any dirt. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you should call Ferguson for a quick and smooth Phoenix AC repair at 480-610-0255 to stay cool throughout the summer.


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